Amiga Art 2021

Another year, another Amiga Art Contest! (Thanks Doug and Vicky!) It was a big success so congrats to everyone who took part, and the winners.

Again I used my EHB palette as a base, and I’m getting a little bit better at documenting my process too!

I drew all three of these in PPaint using a Wacom Ultrapad serial graphics tablet plugged into my A1200. The first two started in EHB lowres (though could easily be reduced down to <32 in the first pic’s case and <16 in the second! The third is EHB High Res Interlaced, ad uses much of the 64 colours!

IFF versions of these images available here.

Speed draws of the pics above.. (plus nonsense commentary)

Amiga Art 2020

I drew a lot more Amiga art last year. I’ve been concentrating my energy on CMO:Hex Night in ’21..

See last year’s pictures here!

Amiga Backgrounds…

One of a few patterns.

Another type of art I’ve drawn on the Amiga is the Workbench/AmigaOS Classic patterns (wallpapers, desktop backgrounds.. Whatever you want to call them!) of CMO characters. Specifically the Hi-res variants with the half-width pixels were something it made sense to draw at the Amiga in PPaint. Here they are..

And more besides…

A lot of the art I’ve been doing of late has been targeting the Amiga and not drawn 100% on the platform itself. Some of the files I move back and forth between PPaint on the Amiga and Pixaki (iPad), Aseprite (Win, Mac) so I don’t feel like I can put them on this gallery page. All the graphics I’ve drawn for my Amiga games pass through the Amiga and sometimes get tweaks there..

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