Amiga Art 2020

In 2020 I fully rediscovered the Amiga as a fun creativity platform, in large part to Youtubers like 10Marc and Pixel Vixen (thanks!). Seeing the 2019 art contest I thought.. “I should enter that!” which led me down a rabbit hole and resulted in me pimping out my old A1200, getting the OSSC and buying a graphics tablet.. (actually, two?)

This palette is something I’ve been working on for a while as a universal one for most of my games and Amiga projects, I wanted to set myself a limitation; my brain glitches make me experiment forever with palette variants and I like knowing i don’t have to think about that anymore, so I tried to make what would, to me – create graphics close to 256col VGA style PC graphics, but would still work on OCS Amigas. Part of this is to basically have my own (very small) “house style” so you’ll be able to recognise my Amiga/retro projects if you’ve seen a few. The proof will be in the pudding, I guess.

The first pic, with the tree was drawn for Amigathon 2020 while the second two were for Amiga Art Contest 2020 .. I might not have as much time for competition entries in ’21, who knows at this point!

I drew these three in a) DeluxePaint5, and b,c) PPaint using a graphics tablet (Aiptek HyperPen for the first, Wacom Ultrapad for the other two.) All three are in PAL Low Res EHB 64 colour mode.

IFF versions of these images available here.

Speed draws of the pics above.. (plus nonsense commentary)

Other Amiga Art

As well as those, here are a few more pieces I made on the Amiga in 2020.. These are mostly doodles but were a lot of fun. Done in ArtEffect4, Photogenics, PPaint and DeluxePaint. I’ve started experimenting with Brilliance and will probably post some of that in ’21. Come watch me draw sometime at Mixel’s Lab over on Twitch.

Amiga Backgrounds…

One of a few patterns.

Another type of art I’ve drawn on the Amiga is the Workbench/AmigaOS Classic patterns (wallpapers, desktop backgrounds.. Whatever you want to call them!) of CMO characters. Specifically the Hi-res variants with the half-width pixels were something it made sense to draw at the Amiga in PPaint. Here they are..

And more besides…

A lot of the art I’ve been doing of late has been targeting the Amiga and not drawn 100% on the platform itself. Some of the files I move back and forth between PPaint on the Amiga and Pixaki (iPad), Aseprite (Win, Mac) so I don’t feel like I can put them on this gallery page. Watch this space for some more fully developed Amiga art though, and here’s looking forward to ’21 and whatever it brings..