CMO Hex Night Demo 1.5 – AGA!

Heads up! I’ve got another demo here.. It’s functionally the same as 1.4 with a few bug fixes.. But also adds a separate AGA build with some optimisations and new backgrounds and effects! It’s easier to show than explain, but in needless detail: both AGA and ECS modes offer slightly different options due to the […]

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Amiga Art 2021

Another year, another Amiga Art Contest! (Thanks Doug and Vicky!) It was a big success so congrats to everyone who took part, and the winners. Again I used my EHB palette as a base, and I’m getting a little bit better at documenting my process too! I drew all three of these in PPaint using

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My other Amiga game in progress, Wizonk, is a 4 player platform deathmatch party game with single screen maps (think Bubble Bobble or Fuzzball) with frantic spell-casting gameplay. Supports 4 player adapters on real Amigas. Supports 4 controllers, or 2 controllers + 2 keyboard players in emulation. Runs on all 1MB Amigas (may require 1MB

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Auburn Fields

A Visual Novel for Amiga, Mac and PC (and possibly mobile) with EHB graphics on Amiga. Created in Scorpion Engine on Amiga and Tyrannobuilder on modern formats. I’m leading development of this in Tyrannobuilder, which outputs HTML5 based game files. If I get proficient enough in Scorpion (and once it has saved game support) I

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Workbench Patterns

CMO 4 Color Amiga Classic Patterns A range of 4 coloured workbench backdrops for Highres and Highres-Laced screen modes on classic Amigas. I may also do variants for odd resolutions if anyone wants them, but generally I figure anyone using widescreen or HighGFX probably has RTG and wouldn’t want to bother with 4 colour wallpapers?

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