It’s a desert in here..

Apologies for neglecting the blog. I should put something here!

Here’s a look at the desert, in which I’ve used a some weird tricks to get the background working..  (excuse the reused enemies! Though there will be bugs, there’ll be a whole lot of other stuff besides..!)

This little file below is what all of the parallax stuff on screen is generated from, as scorpion uses a 32px wide image to generate the scrolling and other effects, that obviously has some pretty big implications for the size of what you can put back there.. The default behaviour is a repeating pattern, like the sand near the bottom, but it also supports “clouds” – which there is one of that loop with the screen. So by setting the X coordinates of the stars, and the various parts of the background sand dunes I can  create a larger scene. I can simplify is slightly still, but it’s a great start!

Looking at the footage above you’ll see I’ve started using a pseudo isometric texture for the sand.. For certain, organic, non flat floors I think this makes a lot of sense, but it might seem strange. I’m not married to the idea yet..

Another thing I did relatively recently was enter the Amiga Art Contest, I wrote up a page about my pics and made speed draws of each of the threee pics.. One of them is CMO related. More on that here: 

And one more thing.. The second video I’ve made on making tablets work with Amigas – this time under emulation in Windows. You can find that at 

I’ll have more to talk about soon, CMO dev is happening steadily!

See you before christmas!

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