Mixelmagic (est. 2002) / Mixel’s Lab is my site for my retro computing projects and Indie game development. I post a bit of everything here. Enjoy your stay!

I’m Michael (Mixel) Dawes, an Artist and Indie developer based in Leeds, UK. I have a huge interest in retro computing (especially the Amiga platform), and my mediums of choice are: Pixel Graphics (Aseprite, Pixaki, PPaint), Digital Art (Procreate, Comic Draw) – Traditional Art (Coloured Pencils, Biro)

Experiments in the lab

Creeping Me Out (Comic)

CMO is a webcomic started in 2004 – I occasionally update it and have been compiling it in print form recently, various continuations are in the works. Watch this space!

The Webcomic
The Print Editions

Mixel’s Lab

On Twitch I stream retro creative content, in PPaint, ArtEffect and other art apps like Procreate and Comic Draw on the iPad. Sometimes I play games, too!

On Youtube recently I’ve posted Amiga content, speed draws, hardware tutorials, reviews etc. I don’t have a schedule, i just update whenever.

On Discord you can come and hang out and see what I’m working on, and post your own work too! I post most here. (followed by Twitter)

Help me out?

I use Patreon for occasional news posts and as a tip jar. I don’t expect anyone to give anything, but if you want to help support me and my projects, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Perks, at this stage are undecided as they kind of depend on there being some donors, but you’ll have your name credited anywhere I can.

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