October Plans! Art! And more art!

Hi again! I hope you’re well! Life has been kicking my ass a bit recently but maybe October and November will be better. One of the best ways I have for getting myself together is often drawing, so…

I’m planning on seriously ramping up my art creation in October. I’m not doing “Inktober” official art prompts, for reasons I won’t go into here.. But I am going to post work for two of my fave prompt lists..

MabsDrawlloweenClub And CorpseTober by Chandra Free/Machina Corpse (go support them, they’re great.)

I likely won’t be able to 100% either of them but I’m working on as many pictures from each as possible.

Soo, I’ve been using a funky, ever changing spreadsheet to keep track of what I’m drawing. It’ll largely be digital, In ComicDraw and Procreate, but some days I’m going to do Pixel graphics – and occasionally go old school and do the prompts on the Amiga! Also some traditional art too (charcoal/pencil… Oils?)  if I can motivate myself. (I have  trad art anxiety lately, it comes and goes)

You’ll notice a couple of other prompt lists there too. Notably Creeptoberclub – I thought that list suites CMO really well tonally so I’m planning on (time allowing) doing quick Creeping Me Out themed prompts for Creeptober, which seems fitting! CMO characters will likely leak into the other lists a little too but that list is sort of separate.

Another thing I’ll be doing is streaming the process! Most days! Hopefully! Come visit me over on twitch at Mixel’s Lab. But be aware I’m pretty damn new to streaming and Twitch and only vaguely know what I’m doing, so I anticipate a bumpy start! Fingers crossed though. I plan on doing it midday (UK / GMT)

Something else I’m taking part in during October is 10Marc and PixelVixen’s Amiga Art contest. You might’ve seen me enter something for Amigathon a few months ago. I’ve tried to surpass that pic this time, and if I have time I’ll be doing a second submission too. (I could submit a whole bunch of stuff I’ve been doing already, but it feels like a cop-out not to make unique submissions!) The deadline for these submissions is October 11th, so I’m trying to be finished with those before October starts so I’m not working on both projects simultaneously! 

Here’s a small preview of something..

TL:DR – I’ll be trying to draw something every day in October.

Follow me on Instagram to follow all my art:  https://www.instagram.com/mdawesdraws/ 

CMO on Instagram to just see the CMO stuff: https://www.instagram.com/creepingmeout/ 

Mixel’s Lab on Twitch to join me while I draw: https://www.twitch.tv/mixelslab 

Progress on other stuff:

By far the best place to keep track of what I’m up to is my Discord – which, providing I remember, has little behind the scenes snippets, and is a good way to communicate with me in general!

CMO comic stuff is coming along. A number of the pages I did in animation software demanded a full redraw. I’m not rushing it. I don’t see October being a month of much CMO progress.

Game dev on the other hand is going slowly but steadily. Will hopefully have something meaty to show in November. 

See you around, and best of luck with the weird situations most of us find ourselves in at the moment!

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