Auburn Fields

A Visual Novel for Amiga, Mac and PC (and possibly mobile) with EHB graphics on Amiga. Created in Scorpion Engine on Amiga and Tyrannobuilder on modern formats.

I’m leading development of this in Tyrannobuilder, which outputs HTML5 based game files. If I get proficient enough in Scorpion (and once it has saved game support) I may switch to leading with the Amiga version. 😀

Three of the character’s you meet early in the game..

Auburn Fields has a few light RPG elements, player statistics and branching paths. It’s set in a high school with some dark secrets and a cast of quirky characters.

The story takes place over a single term at school, and isn’t currently intended to be a very long game to play through, instead relying on branches for replayability.

As a new student at Auburn Fields you’re thrown into a weird world of mysterious otherworldly forces, friends, homework, dating, exorcisms, sports.. The usual high school stuff.

Your peers are largely as clueless as you when it comes to the strange events befalling the town of Gorcester, but there are a few people around town who seem to know what’s up. Can you impress them enough to be brought into their inner circle, or are you going to go it alone and take a different path?

Auburn Fields : A Creeping Me Out Story

Come follow me on Discord, Twitter, Patreon, Twitch, etc to keep up to date with developments on this title. It’s not my primary focus right now, so I have no planned release window whatsoever, but I’ll dip in and out time permitting.

One thing I love about working on this game is its assets are actually incredibly useful to me outside of the game itself. Cementing what various CMO locations look like and helping to “iconify” various characters. Moving forward I see a lot of creating this game when streaming, as it needs tons of backdrops and character portraits, and that’s a lot more interesting to watch (and easier to do when slightly distracted) than a lot of gamedev stuff I could be doing! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Auburn Fields”

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  2. Anthony Jarvis

    I’m always amazed (and a bit saddened) that the Amiga never saw visual novels. I’ve always thought the way the screen can be divided is a perfect fit for these titles. Would have been cool to see them on the CDTV for example!

    In my head head I imagined some cool/lurid HAM images with a nice UI at the bottom. What you’re doing is much more tastful! 😀

    1. Ahh sorry I missed this comment! Yup agreed, I know they were massive in Japan, but its odd seeing SO many PC-88 (and onward) VNs with graphics the amiga could easily have handled, and if the genre had taken off in the west it could’ve been a boon for all sorts of different mediums. (comic artists needed for the art more than the usual pixel artists, different types of writing to what you’d get in most graphic adventures.) I could have both sped up the “taking games seriously” and the “OMG ban this filth” depending on where creators went with it, so maybe it’s not a bad thing.. But it still seems like a missed opportunity for the Amiga because it seems pretty much the perfect platform for it.

      Oh well, hehe. Yup I’m seeing how much mileage I can get out of this one EHB palette and developing a house style around that. I have plans for at least one non-cartoony game though, which will be a bit of a departure!

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