Graphics Tablets on the Amiga

I’ve been working on my A1200 with a graphics tablet and have made a video on how to do this, a couple of the tablets that work, and some recommendations. During this process I’ve realised how hard it can be to hunt down all of the different drivers (some of which have never been on Aminet) I’ve collected them all together here, with thanks to everyone on EAB, and the guy in germany who sold me Tableau Pro. If any of the creators have a problem with me hosting the files here please contact me and I’ll take them down – they’re surely abandonware by now though?

  • PenPartner – Modern tablet driver for Wacom IV series. – Aminet Link
  • Tablet.Library – Necessary for DeluxePaint’s tablet support. – Download .library
  • Tableau Pro – Drivers by Haage & Partner for Wacom, Genius and Summagraphics tablets. – Download .ADF
  • AccuPoint Wacom Edition – Necessary for DeluxePaint’s tablet support. – Download .ADF
  • FormAldiHyd – Driver for many tablets with a nice UI and good app support. – Aminet Link

12 thoughts on “Graphics Tablets on the Amiga”

  1. Thank you so much for your appreciated tests and support. This will make it much more easy to me installing the right drivers for my artpad.

  2. Hi,
    Could you describe how to install these drivers and DeluxePaint libraries at ClassicWB based on Workbench 3.1 (Amiga 1200), please?

  3. I’ve a Wacom ArtPad II but it’s a Macintosh one so the port is an ADB, is there any way to convert it to Amiga serial port?

    1. It’s possible an add to serial (to bigger serial adaptor) may work but I don’t have an adb Wacom to test that idea with sadly. Would be very interested if someone does get it working!

  4. I’ve just been looking around eBay for some Wacom tablets because I want to use Deluxe Paint om my Amiga A1200. I have only ever used Deluxe Paint with a mouse before, so any kind of tablet would be better, even if it’s not pressure sensitive. I’ve never managed to find any software I can use to create artwork since Deluxe Paint. I’ve tried MS Paint, Paintshop Pro, the GIMP, GrafX2, and probably a few others. I haven’t fitted a USB upgrade. I don’t seem to be able to find any of the Wacom models you suggest on eBay, though. From your video as well as from previous research, I think the tablet would have to connect to either the Amiga Serial Port or possibly to a 9 pin joystick or mouse port. If I just buy any Wacom tablet with a serial connector, would it be compatible, or are there certain models to avoid? Some of them have 9 pin D shaped connectors. A lot of the Wacom models look similar, but I don’t think that makes them all compatible with the Amiga. If certain models include the name Intuos, does that mean they’re not compatible? I think I’ll have to search for Aiptek tablets as well.

    1. Yep it needs to be serial for sure. I don’t think any intuos will work either.. it has to be a quite vintage Wacom to work in dpaint.. dsub style connector is what you’re looking for, with an adaptor for the Amiga’s bigger port. (aiptek won’t work in dpaint with pressure either, but will as a pen shaped mouse..) works fine in PPaint though.

      As for models to avoid I.. don’t actually know.. I haven’t found a serial (not adb) Wacom from the era that hasn’t worked yet, but I don’t exactly have a huge sample size.

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