Graphics Tablets on the Amiga

I’ve been working on my A1200 with a graphics tablet and have made a video on how to do this, a couple of the tablets that work, and some recommendations. During this process I’ve realised how hard it can be to hunt down all of the different drivers (some of which have never been on Aminet) I’ve collected them all together here, with thanks to everyone on EAB, and the guy in germany who sold me Tableau Pro. If any of the creators have a problem with me hosting the files here please contact me and I’ll take them down – they’re surely abandonware by now though?

  • PenPartner – Modern tablet driver for Wacom IV series. – Aminet Link
  • Tablet.Library – Necessary for DeluxePaint’s tablet support. – Download .library
  • Tableau Pro – Drivers by Haage & Partner for Wacom, Genius and Summagraphics tablets. – Download ADF
  • AccuPoint Wacom Edition – Necessary for DeluxePaint’s tablet support. – Download .ADF
  • FormAldiHyd – Driver for many tablets with a nice UI and good app support. – Aminet Link

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  1. Thank you so much for your appreciated tests and support. This will make it much more easy to me installing the right drivers for my artpad.

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