Mixel’s CosyIcons Pack

It’ll take me a while and it’s not one of my main projects, but I’m using NewIcons* to make a set of tiny icons for people running High Res (non-laced) modes.

Yes, they animate. (the joystick, screwdriver etc are poking out of the drawers in the clicked form.)

Back when they designed Workbench they clearly spent a lot of thought making it clear and easy to read on a range of displays, including TVs over an awful composite or RF connection. The result is massive chonky icons.

I’d argue they don’t need the icons to be that big anymore now we have crisp, modern displays, and you’d have a lot more useful screen real-estate if they’re about a quarter of the size! Possibly sacrilege, sorry.. 🙂 These bitty little icons could also look neat in certain 3rd party docks.

*Newicons is a hack, I know. If someone could convert these, or explain to me how to use whatever the heck format glow icons use in a way that their palette doesn’t get scrambled on boot, I’d like them to be as system friendly as possible!

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