My other Amiga game in progress, Wizonk, is a 4 player platform deathmatch party game with single screen maps (think Bubble Bobble or Fuzzball) with frantic spell-casting gameplay.

Supports 4 player adapters on real Amigas.

Supports 4 controllers, or 2 controllers + 2 keyboard players in emulation.

Runs on all 1MB Amigas (may require 1MB chip when finished?)

Planning on putting out the multiplayer component for free then eventually integrating a 1(or optionally 2) player campaign for a “full fat” release. I see this as more of a budget title than CMOhn, but hopefully a ton of fun!

It’s early days for this but it’s starting out nicely. It’s much simpler to work on than CMOhn, so it’s fun to chip away at small chunks occasionally.

Here’s the movement in early form.

Movement and fireballs.

I’ll keep updating on this and CMOhn on Twitter, and the various places I post updates (EAB, Lemon, AmigaLove)

Here’s a test with a more complete level.

More screens and video soon!

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